Collaborate With Your Resume Writer

Personal service is not just a marketing pitch, even though I am a marketer by trade. What I offer is quite different than a resume shop that churns out hundreds of documents per month and employees dozens of writers. Because I operate a small specialized shop, I can offer you a personal level of service that larger shops cannot. When you choose to work with InterviewMeToo, you’ll be working with myself (Jason), not a bookworm that you’ll never meet or have the chance to speak with more than once.

You’ll have my office number, email, LinkedIn details etc. I can offer ongoing resources and advice that other cannot. Have a question? Call me or drop me an email.

Leverage a Resume Writer With Marketing Experience

There are plenty of resume writing services founded and operated by writers. My background is in marketing and experience conducting job hunts provides you with a unique perspective and insight into locating a new position. I’ve learned the ins and outs of searching for a job in a tight labor market.

Working with a writing service staffed by HR professionals sounds like a perfect fit, until you realize HR doesn’t make hiring decisions. The less time you spend talking to HR, the better off you are. I can help you reach the decision makers and improve your chances to making a good impression.

I can also work with you to craft a compelling story around your background and give you a leg up on the competition who blasts dozens of generic resumes every week.

Review Prior to Paying

What I mean by no risk is that all of my south Florida clients have the option to review their new resume in-person prior completing payment. I suggest meeting at a local coffee shop when scheduling a review, which provides you with the freedom to give me a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you’re not happy with your new resume, you don’t have to complete payment. If you’re in a geographic location where we can’t meet in-person (New York / Texas etc.), the standard pre-payment arrangement is in place.