How Many Resumes Does an Average Job Posting Receive?

LinkedIn JobsOne of the most common questions I receive from clients relates to how many resumes a “typical” job posting receives. While job postings often receive more than 200 applications, you may be surprised to learn that about only 10% of resumes include a cover letter while even fewer include a custom letter. Before I go off topic on the importance of tailoring your cover letter to each application, let’s look at three real-world job postings from LinkedIn Jobs.

#1: Marketing Manager at Veeam

Veeam, a growing technology company, is likely to attract a large number of applicants for an attractive Marketing Management position. There’s opportunity for growth, valuable experience, and the possibility of both job security and promotion. If this resume writer had to guess, Veeam will likely hire a bilingual marketing candidate with management experience and technology industry experience. When a job posting generates 300 resumes, you can expect to be critiqued.

Veeam Job Posting

How to Stand Out? Highlighting your 1) industry experience, 2) familiarity with Veeam solutions and 3) success marketing tech products with be key to earning their attention. If you have the above experience, you would do well to submit a tailored resume and cover letter. Don’t be surprised if a desirable employer require you to complete an extensive application through their website. Creating artificial barriers helps to filter out unqualified candidates.

#2: Enterprise Architect at Microsoft

Are you surprised that a job posting from Microsoft, one of the world’s largest and most respected enterprises has only received 2 applicants for a position that likely pays well over $100K, don’t be. This job posting requires very specific technical skills set and experience working with the US Department of Defense. In other words, you’ll need to hit the ground running on day one.

It’s possible the number of highly qualified South Florida candidates for such a position is in the single digits or Microsoft will rely on internal referrals to fill this position.

Microsoft Job Posting

How to Stand Out? In this case, you either have the skills, experience, and the right “fit” for Microsoft or you don’t. If you are a match for a specialized position, it’s possible you are already aware of the job opening. If you don’t hear about it through the grapevine, there’s a strong probability a recruiter will proactively reach out through LinkedIn before posting the job description.

#3: Administrative Assistant at Mandala Healing Center

Not all job postings garner 100’s of applicants and not all job postings are so specialized as to focus on a select few highly qualified professionals. This job posting for an administrative assistant received an appropriate number of applicants. While the job description is relatively short, the duties are fairly straightforward. In other words, there won’t likely be any surprises here.

Mandala Job Posting

How to Stand Out? Mandala appears to be in the healthcare field so it follows they’ll be looking for a candidate with previous industry experience. Employers in highly-regulated industries, such as healthcare, will almost always favor candidates who bring knowledgeable of regulations. All things being equal, Mandala will choose a candidate who is familiar with HIPPA regulations.

If you don’t have industry experience, that won’t disqualify you. The skills and qualifications you bring to the table need to outweigh your lack of industry experience. If you’re a wiz with productivity software or a graphic designer, you may catch the attention of an employer that would prefer to hire a utility player if possible.

Have Questions?

If you feel discouraged by not receiving responses to your resume, just keep in mind that you’re looking for the right fit and often competing with dozens of job seekers. Applying to job postings is a lot of like dating. You’ll need to be the right fit, otherwise it won’t work. Remember, customize your resume and cover letter for each application, conduct follow-up afterwards, and keep your eyes and ears open for newly-posted opportunities.

Remember, employers cannot possibly hire every qualified candidate. If you are the 3rd most qualified candidate out of a 300-person pool, you’re in the top 1%. That’s pretty good. Keep plugging away, and you’ll land a new position. If you have questions about the job application process, email [email protected] or call 561-303-5515.

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