Attracting Recruiters Via LinkedIn & Your Inbound Job Search

Using LinkedIn to Attract RecruitersSince joining LinkedIn on November 25th, 2007, I’ve had the opportunity to see professional social networking increase from a novelty appealing to early adopters to a mainstream activity that’s finally being embraced by the masses as a means of attracting recruiters to your LinkedIn profile and managing your inbound job search.

While the founders at LinkedIn likely never expected their professional networking platform to become the de facto standard for white collar professionals, it has become one of the most important pieces of a successful inbound job hunt. By creating a complete LinkedIn profile, every job seeker has the opportunity to establish their online reputation and, ultimately, take the first step towards managing their “inbound job search” by attracting recruiters to your profile.

The goal of this blog is not to necessarily hawk the LinkedIn profile writing services that InterviewMeToo offers, but to provide a few concrete (albeit online) examples of potential jobs that I have received from recruiters by maintaining my profile.

Example #1: Inbound Recruiter Referral from a Colleague

The below is a great example of an “InMail” that I received from a recruiter. As the screenshot below shows, I was referred to them through a previous colleague.

LinkedIn Recruiter

It’s important to point that I was not a brilliant marketer, but my professional background in online marketing was enough to earn at least referral. Even though I wasn’t looking for a new position at the time, I was able to establish a new connection and expand my network. My name was no doubt added to Tom’s list of suitable candidates for future jobs and Tom’s name was added to my list of recruiters to contact in the event of a sudden involuntary job change.

Example #2: Inbound Recruiter Lead (Unsolicited)

This InMail is a great example of a typical unsolicited lead from a recruiter, who happened to come across my LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Recruiter Referral

I did absolutely nothing to attract the attention of Colleen, outside of maintaining my LinkedIn profile. With the right keywords/job title/experience listed on your LinkedIn profile, you too can and will attract the attention of recruiters looking to fill niche job positions for their clients.

Like a Google search, recruiters search for job candidates for their clients with keywords. In my case, some of the keywords may have been “marketing manager” or “email marketing.” If you have a very particular set of skills, there are likely very few professionals in your local city who share that skill set. By keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date with all the relevant terminology, you can ensure that recruiters will have their eye on your profile today and in the future.

Even though you may not be in the market for a new position, there’s no harm in talking to a recruiter, explaining that you’re secure in your current position, and also communicating your expert command over some niche skill. By doing a little showboating to a recruiter, your name will find its way into their internal database for future follow-up.

Example #3: Inbound Referral Request / Indirect Invitation

The below, and final, example is a little different than the above two because it doesn’t come from a recruiter. Rather, it comes as a referral through a former supervisor. Because I have a good deal of experience in email marketing, my name can and does bubble up as a source of referrals and talent.

LinkedIn Recruiter

Even though I wasn’t looking for a position at the time I received this email, my previous supervisor recalled my work ethic and mentioned my name to one of his colleague. I then received a message to see if, perhaps, I knew of any candidates. If I had been looking for a new position, this would be been a welcome invitation. You never know when you’ll be polishing you’re your resume, right?

Regardless of your comfort with new technology and social networking, LinkedIn is a fantastic way to attract recruiters and take the first step to launching your inbound job search. In future blogs, we’ll go into depth about other areas of leveraging LinkedIn and launching an inbound job search.

Getting Started With LinkedIn

Interested in leveraging LinkedIn? Check out our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service, and the InterviewMeToo team can help you generate inbound leads from recruiters on LinkedIn. You can also contact us for more information.

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