5 Resume Tips for Radio Shack Managers and Associates

Advice from a former Radio Shack Sales Associate who now operates a Resume Writing Service

Radio Shack LogoThe recent news of Radio Shack’s bankruptcy can be an opportunity for you to polish your resume and locate a new position. But where to begin? If you spent any length of time working for The Shack, you may be overwhelmed with how to succinctly communicate the value you delivered to customers, even if you weren’t able to successfully offer a mobile phone to each new customer. Here are some tips from a former Radio Shack Sales Associate to help you transition into new retail or non-retail position.

1. Consultative Sales

Regardless of how well your store performed or how many of your monthly goals were met, you need communicate that you have a firm grasp on working with customers to better understand their goals and how to best meet them. As your next interview approaches, document several instances where you worked with a customer to uncover their goals, suggest the most relevant product, and close the sale. Documentation is key because you’ll need to present examples.

2. Product Knowledge

The wide breath of Radio Shack’s product line can be overwhelming to any new Associate. Luckily, the variety in-store products mail-order specialty items required to you to develop an appreciation of just how important product knowledge is when working to meet challenging sales goals. Woe is the Sales Associate who isn’t familiar with latest mobile phone features and benefits. Communicating the important of product knowledge on your resume will help convey to a new employer that you’re not going to let any sales slip through the cracks because you didn’t get around to reading the latest brochures.

3. Teamwork & Dedication

Operating a retail store with a team of five or six people and thousands of items is downright daunting. It’s essential that you describe how you (if you’re a Sales Manager) brought your team together to organize and document inventory, review news from the corporate office in Fort Worth, and kept up-to-date on the latest products and trends.

4. P&L Accountability

Every Sales Manager at Radio Shack was accountable for driving store profitably, not necessarily sales. $1M in wire sales is far more profitable than $1M in televisions. Explaining the importance of driving margin dollars through add-on sales can be the difference between a store reaching its margin goals or falling behind. Remember, retailers are looking to drive profitability and depend on add-ons to make that happen. Focus on how you helped train your team to better sell those headsets and wiring.

5. Recruitment & Training

If you build the wrong team, reaching your monthly goals is going to be much steeper climb than it needs to be. We all understand that recruiting qualified and dedicated team members without an attractive salary can be challenging. However, it still needs to get done. When composing your resume, think about how you went about selecting team members and locating the most talented sales people. Also, how did you help grow your team into an efficient group?

Getting Started

As Radio Shack gradually winds down its operations in 2015, remember there are opportunities available and you’ll most likely be better off in the long-run. Working with a sinking corporation provided you with an opportunity to see how not to operate a company. Keep those lessons in mind as you transition into new positions and witness management going through the same thought process.

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