5 Suggestions for a More Productive Resume Interview

If you’re interested in having a new resume written or already in the process of working with InterviewMeToo, completing the Resume Interview is one of the most important parts of the resume writing process. When we connect by phone to review your goals, background, and personal qualities, here are few things to keep in mind to ensure that we have a productive call and your new resume is on-target with the value you bring to the job market.

#1: Use a Land Line Phone (if Possible)

Because cellular phones can have reception issues, even in major metropolitan areas, we recommend using a landline telephone. With a clear connection, our interview call will be more productive and you can rest assured that key details will be effectively communicated. We recommend avoiding the speakerphone feature on your cellular phone.

#2: Find a Quiet Place to Talk

While our Resume Interview will be a friendly discussion, ensuring that there are no distractions is extremely important. A single distraction can derail your train of thought. If you give the same attention and care to our interview as you would with a phone interview with an employer, your new resume will be that much more accurate. Safety Note: We will not conduct resume interviews while you are driving.

#3: Think About Your Career Experience Before Our Call

We understand that most, if not all, of our clients often have difficulty discussing their best qualities and/or the type of projects on which they worked between the years of 2006 and 2009. It’s understandable and expected. Don’t feel as if you are required to list a full battery of qualities and experience when we chat. You are welcome to send over a follow-up email with additional points or call us to elaborate on an important point.

#4: Be Specific When Explaining Your Experience

Before your experience and accomplishments can standout, we need to understand precisely what you were working towards. For example, if you spend a great deal of time in planning meetings, let us know what you were planning and how you fit into the planning process. If you’re meeting with clients, try to explain why you’re meeting with clients and the types of follow-up that can arise after your meetings. The smallest detail can be the difference when positioning your experience.

#5: Minimize Industry Jargon

While InterviewMeToo has experience working with professionals in a wide variety of industries, it’s important to avoid industry jargon whenever possible. This is especially relevant for clients who have spent a great deal of their career within the same industry. As rule of thumb, the longer you have been with a job or working in an industry, the more difficult it is to communicate your experience to an outsider. The importance of communicating your niche experience in a way that anybody can understand will be extremely important when speaking with an HR contact.

Getting Started With InterviewMeToo

While every interview is different, using the above suggestions will help InterviewMeToo create the best possible resume and cover letter for your next job search. If you’re interested in learning more about advancing your career with a personalized resume and cover letter? Contact Us or call (561) 303-5515 to get started.

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