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When I decided to offer resume writing services back in 2010, it started out as one of those “pie in the sky” ideas. At the time, I was already editing resumes for family members and friends, so I figured it would a novel experience to offer the same services to the general public. The goal wasn’t to build an empire, or rake in the cash, but rather, it was to see if another professional would be interested. Let’s call it a lark.

After a few weeks of poking around with a new website and posting flyers in the local grocery stores, I had a few leads and even a client. Much like preparing for your first date, I spent an incredible amount of time and energy to make sure my first client’s resume and cover letter were perfect.

If you’re planning to begin offering resume services, there’s quite a bit of excitement around getting your first customer. For those who are planning to start a resume service and hire experienced writers, it’s still quite enjoyable to see those first clients come in.

Because InterviewMeToo is a side venture that I operate while my day job isn’t keeping me busy (which is quite rare), I can’t dedicate myself to writing resumes 24/7. Even though I my InterviewMeToo time is limited to 1-2 days per week, it’s still an enjoyable side venture.

Note: I highly recommend starting your resume writing service as a part-time gig until you enjoy writing resumes and meeting with clients on a daily basis. Everything in moderation!

While it’s nice to earn (and I do mean earn) a few extra dollars, you’ll get far more out of the networking that comes with meeting new clients and learning about their backgrounds. You might be surprised at the wide variety of people you meet, and just how often you meet a client who knows another client. It’s a small world.

You will meet some great people, interesting people, and challenging people along the way. Focus on providing the best possible service that you can. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, you’re barking up the wrong tree. There have been many nights spent toiling over revisions or shuffling around bullet points, but that’s just the way it goes. As long as you enjoy writing, and approach each client’s resume like a puzzle, it’s an enjoyable part-time job.

If you have any questions about starting your own resume writing service, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].

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