Should I Send a Thank You Note After a Job Interview? Yes!

As somebody who has been on both sides of the table during an interview, I’m familiar with both sending and receiving thank you notes. Sending a thank you note after an interview is one of the few things that you have complete control over during your job search. You can’t always be the right person for the job, but you can always send an appropriate thank you note.

Your follow-up thank you note doesn’t have to be amazing, or even particularly well crafted, it just needs a thoughtful, genuine message; it will make all the difference in the world. Taking a few minutes to mention that you realize your interview took time, and that the person who interviewed you has plenty other things to do besides chatting with yourself can have a big positive effect on your interviewer. Even if the interview itself went poorly, sending a nice thank you note can prevent your prospective employer from mentioning to another that you were a poor fit and/or weren’t quite right for the position. Manners count.

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How Long Should My Interview Thank You Note Be?

When you’re sending a thank you note, try to be brief; avoid blocks of texts that span over several pages. One good paragraph is ideal as it gives you room for a few sentences without over-doing it. Too little of a thank you note can result in your employer thinking of it as insincere.

What Should I Say in a thank you note?

Always begin a thank you note with a polite, “Thanks for taking some time to meet with me…” If you like, mention something that you discussed during your interview that resonated with. Your goal is not to sell yourself (that was the goal during the interview), but rather, to show that you have the manners and understanding of etiquette required to function in a professional environment.

When Should I Send a Thank You Note?

If you’re planning to send your thank you  note by email, you should send your note within a day after interviewing. Since you probably took the entire I day off, you’ll have plenty of time after you arrive home from the interview to send off a note.

To Whom Should I Send a Thank You Note?

If possible, send your thank you note over to the person (or people) with whom you interviewed with directly. If you interviewed with three people, make sure you send three unique thank you notes. However, it is not always possible to contact everybody with whom you interviewed. In the event that you are unable to reach one of your interviewers, you can try to dig up their contact information over the Internet.

If you have nice handwriting, try sending a thank you note by mail. I should emphasize that sending a thank you note by mail is a great idea, but only if you scored well on the handwriting portion of your elementary school report card. If you scrawl like one of the beasts from a Disney movie, then email is definitely the way for you. Do not (I repeat, do not) have somebody else write your thank you notes for you. Hand-writing is a very personal activity where others draw insight about your personality. If your girlfriend writes your thank you notes and you applied to an extremely traditional organization, you might actually lose the job or, worse, get called out.

How To Send Thank You Notes

Sending thank you notes by email is pretty standard. As mentioned above, using the postal service is another option. Be forewarned, Post Office workers often lose mail, and administrative employees can easily forget to deliver your thank you note(s). Worse yet, there’s the rare possibility of sending four thank you notes, but only three making it to the designated person. You will look forgetful, rude, and lazy, among other things.

That should about cover the thank you note basics. If you’re interested in having some thank you notes written up for your next interview, drop us a line over Twittery by using the @interviewmetoo handle. You can also send an email over to [email protected].

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