Business Plan Writing Services

Starting a business is just as exciting as it is fraught with unknown variables. We Business Plan Writing Services in addition to Resume Writing because aspiring entrepreneurs often underestimate the costs required launch a new venture. We will work together to:

  1. Document startup and recurring expenses
  2. Provide break-even analysis and financial insight
  3. Develop a marketing strategy and messaging
  4. Research and evaluate software solutions
  5. Conduct competitive analysis and market research
We’re local to South Florida with a location in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL. We also provide services to the Miami, FL area.

Partner with a Professional Writer & Entrepreneur

Writing a business plan is more than building a line item list of expenses. You need an understanding of what is required to establish a company as well as both create and refine the processes, infrastructure and systems needed to run an operation. While no budding business owner wants to hear that an idea is not feasible, we’re here to provide unbiased feedback as to whether or not quitting your day job and launching a new operation is, for the lack for a better term, a good idea.

The most important area of concern that you need to address is your customer acquisition costs. We’ll conduct the due diligence to help you better understand how many cents are required to bring in each dollar. While partnering to create a business plan is an investment, you’ll have the peace of mind to know precisely what you’re getting yourself into before opening shop or tendering a resignation.

Marketing Plan Writing

Prior to founding and growing InterviewMeToo into a profitable venture, I worked in the marketing and advertising space for 10 years. By gaining experience at a variety of companies, I gained the insight required to plan, implement and monitor the performance of marketing and customer acquisition campaigns.

You’ll be working with an experienced marketer who can provide the guidance to approach and measure your marketing/advertising ROI. Whether you’re looking to create a new website or launch a campaign during your startup, we offer website design and marketing services through our sister company, Bocasites Website Deisgn. Our target client is a business owner who needs to establish or overhaul a website.

Financial & Break-Even Analysis

It’s far too easy to launch a great idea without the appropriate financial rigor to manage expectations. As an Excel fanatic with experience conducting market research as well as presenting findings, you’ll gain the insight needed to evaluate just how you’re going to pursue a new company with a formal business plan. This can be as simple as being able to say: “You need to sell 10 widgets per day to cover your expenses.”

How the Business Plan Writing Process Works

Prior to preparing a plan for your venture, we’ll need to discuss your goals, expectations and understand why a customer would choose your product. We’ll then move onto reviewing precisely which services you require, sign-off on deliverables and payment terms, then begin drafting your business plan for review.

Learn More About Business Planing Writing

Because each business has specific needs, we’ll work with you to prepare a customized proposal. Please contact us at 561-303-5515.