Interview Coaching Services

Landing an interview is an opportunity to increase your earnings, status and happiness. By partnering with a Certified Interview Coach (CEIP), you’ll receive one-on-one guidance to ace your next job interview.

  1. Answer difficult questions
  2. Understand the hiring process
  3. Calm your nerves

  1. Negotiate competitive salary
  2. Locate hiring managers
  3. Research employers

You’ll receive specific written feedback to effectively answer both frequently-asked and industry-specific questions.

Interview Preparation
Entry to Mid-Level Professionals

$195 flat fee

Mock Interview Sessions
Thank You Note Writing
Salary Research
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Partner with a Certified Interview Coach (CEIP)

Receive one-on-one guidance from a Certified Interview Coach and MBA who will empower you to understand the interviewing process, identify your key selling points, and negotiate a competitive salary. With specific feedback after each coaching session, you’ll have a blueprint to ace your next interview.

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Certified Employment Interview Professional CEIP Coaching Services

Rehearse with Mock Interviews

Taking the time to prepare answers to questions you expect to receive (e.g. Tell Me About Yourself) is key to selling yourself. You’ll receive structured guidance and feedback to define talking points for key questions, refine your answers and reduce your anxiety.

Finish Your Interview on a High Note

Post-interview thank you notes convey your appreciation for the opportunity to discuss joining a new team. Thank you notes also an excellent branding opportunity and a reminder of your previous conversation. As part of Interview Coaching Service, you’ll receive thank you notes, ensuring that your interview ends on a high note.

Our Clients Say It Best

“Jason is great at what he does. He helped me prepare for an interview at the very last minute. He is very knowledgeable regarding the interviewing process. Jason had practice questions prepared then helped create straightforward answers. He also helped me execute a very strong thank you letter following my interview, and was available via text and phone when I had questions.”

Interview Coaching TestimonialAlanna L.
Sales Associate | Palm Beach County, FL

Improve Your Interviewing Skills

With Interview Preparation Services, you’ll learn to concisely articulate your key skills, navigate tricky behavioral interview questions, and anticipate the needs of both hiring managers and human resources personnel.