Student Resume Writing Services

Facing a challenging, tight job market with minimal real-world experience can doesn’t have to be daunting. Your resume needs to communicate the potential, skills and related experience that you offer. We’ll help you to:

  1. Focus on potential for growth
  2. Speak to relevant coursework
  3. Feature relevant internships
  4. Highlight life experiences
  5. Document volunteer work
As a Certified Professional Resume Service, we’ll work with you to create a resume to land your first real-world job and get your career off the ground.

Writing a Student Resume

  1. Potential for Growth: If you’re applying to internships or looking for your first full-time position, your resume must to speak your potential and skills. Because the hiring process can be exceptionally expensive and time consuming, employers want to hire graduates who bring the potential to advance into high level roles. Highlighting your key skills and personal qualities is an invaluable way to communicate your potential.
  2. Relevant Coursework: If you’re pursuing employment in an industry that is related to your degree, highlighting your most relevant coursework is key. InterviewMeToo will identify key coursework to show that you have developed the fundamental skills to become a valuable member of a new organization.
  3. Internships: Internships are an invaluable means to gain real-world experience and hands-on training. We’ll work with you to identify how your internship experience is best communicated to show your potential and the beginning of a professional career.
  4. Life Experiences: There’s more to a student resume than coursework and listing experience gain from the part-time employment. If you’ve had the opportunity to study abroad or join academic groups, we can help you position that experience to highlight your potential.
  5. Volunteer Work: Have you been involved in charitable organizations? If so, it’s extremely important to ensure that your volunteer and community involvement experience is included within your resume and that they align with your career goals.

Stand out from the Crowd

Take the first step to starting your career with a professional resume and cover letter that shine a light on your potential for growth.