Resume Writing for Experienced Managers

An established manager’s resume needs to convey that you can see the big picture, understand the granular details and day-to-day tasks required to support a team, communicate how your contributions added to the bottom line. When you partner with InterviewMeToo, your new resume will:

  1. Emphasize Workplace Achievements
  2. Speak to Promotions & Recognition
  3. Highlight Added Responsibilities
  4. Document Key Project Input
  5. Review Tactical Contributions
The team at InterviewMeToo will work with you to identify your contributions and help you convey that you are ready for new responsibilities.

  1. Before
  2. After

Key Points When Crafting a Management Resume

  1. Emphasize Workplace Achievements: Regardless of your profession or industry, your resume needs to document and highlight what you have accomplished at your current and previous employers. Employers are looking for candidates who can come into a new job and “make things happen.”
  2. Speak to Promotions & Recognition: If you have been formally recognized by management or received a promotion along the way, we’ll work to ensure that your successes are included in your new resume and they speak to your goals.
  3. Highlight Added Responsibilities: If you’re like most managers, your job description has likely changed and you received added responsibilities during a lengthy tenure at your present or most recent position. Highlighting your evolving day-today will show that you can grow with a new employer.
  4. Document Key Project Input: Company-wide projects evolve over time. Communicating that you are able to suggest and implemented changes / tweaks is an essential quality that employers look for in a potential manager.
  5. Review Tactical Contributions: A company’s success depends just as much on the execution of tactics as much as it does on strategic direction. If you have served in tactical roles, it’s important to communicate that you were part of an efficient operation and part of the solution.

Stand Out From The Crowd

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