Resume Writing Process

Your resume will be prepared in-house by the Owner of InterviewMeToo.

1. Phone Interview
We’ll discuss your goals, experience, accomplishments, skills and related information that will be incorporated into your new resume. Please be in a quiet place and set aside 60 minutes for our call.

  1. Before: Forward your existing resume and available documentation
  2. During: Discuss your experience, projects, accomplishments and best skills
  3. After: Schedule an in-person meeting to review your new resume

Note: Please be prepared to discuss your professional experience during our phone interview.

2. In-Person Review
We’ll meet to review your resume and ensure that you are satisfied prior to completing payment.
Email-based review is also available.

  1. Before: Forward follow-up information for inclusion within your resume
  2. During: Review your new resume draft and, upon approval, complete payment
  3. After: Receive your resume via email in both MS Word and PDF format

Note: Your new resume will be optimized for hiring managers and keyword scanning software.

3. Revisions/Edits
Resume revisions are included for 30 days following our in-person meeting at no additional cost.
Resume revisions are completed within 24 hours.

  1. Before: Review your new resume then document needed changes/updates
  2. During: Send specific changes/updates in a legible format via email or fax
  3. After: Begin your job search

Note: By providing specific revisions in a legible format, you will receive changes as quickly as possible.

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Resume Writing is provided à la carte professional service.
Packages are also available.