Resume Writing Process

Your new resume will be written in-house by the Owner of InterviewMeToo, ensuring that you receive a professional set of documents that are tailored to your goals.

1. Phone Interview
We’ll discuss your goals, experience, accomplishments, skills and related information that will be incorporated into your new resume. Please be in a quiet place and set aside 60 minutes for our call.

  1. Before: Send your existing resume along with available documentation
  2. During: Discuss your skills, projects, responsibilities and best qualities
  3. After: Schedule an in-person resume review at a convenient location

Note: Please be prepared to discuss your most important projects, accomplishments and skills prior to our phone interview call.

2. In-Person Review
We’ll meet together to review your new resume and ensure that you are completely satisfied prior to completing payment. Email-based review is also available.

  1. Before: Send follow-up information or metrics for inclusion within your resume
  2. During: Review your new resume draft and, upon approval, complete payment
  3. After: Receive your resume through email in both MS Word and PDF format

Note: Your new resume will be created using a format/layout that is both designed for hiring managers and optimized for ATS scanning software.

3. Revisions
Changes and edits are included at no additional cost for 30 days following our in-person meeting. Resume revisions are completed within 24 hours.

  1. Before: Carefully review your new resume and note needed changes/updates
  2. During: Send specific changes/updates in a legible format via email or fax
  3. After: Continue to review your because revisions are included at no charge 30 days

Note: By providing specific revisions in a legible format, we can make the needed changes to your new resume files as quickly as possible.

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Resume Writing is available as an à la carte service and with packages that include cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services.