Professional Resume Samples

Resume formatting, length and style vary depending on your level of experience. While an entry-level professional will benefit from presenting a one-page document to a potential employer. Mid-level and senior-level professionals often fare better with an two-page resume. A seasoned executive may even require a three-page document.

Entry-Level Resumes
If you’re a student, recent graduate or are working towards your first management position, we recommend keeping your resume to a single page. When pursuing an entry-level position, your resume should:

  1. Focus on your potential
  2. Review tactical contributions
  3. Highlight your teamwork
  4. Document technical skills
  5. Discuss relevant duties

Because employers often seek entry-level candidates with specific skills, we’ll work with you to highlight your skills, communicate your ability to contribute with minimal training as well as the potential you can offer.

Mid-Level Resumes
Managers and experienced professionals often benefit preparing a two-page resume that reviews accomplishments and highlights how you have moved businesses forward. Mid-level resumes should:

  1. Review strategic contributions
  2. Highlight leadership experience
  3. Discuss operational improvements
  4. Document revenue growth
  5. Convey management skills

Employers are seeking mid-level professionals and managers with a quantifiable track record. We’ll work with you to identify your core competences as well the techniques you leveraged to grow the business.

Senior-Level Resumes
Senior-level/executives benefit a polished resume that highlights signature accomplishments and details the ability to deliver bottom line growth in changing markets. Executive resumes should:

  1. Focus on bottom-line growth
  2. Explain how you move the needle
  3. Position you as an industry expert
  4. Emphasize big-picture insight
  5. Showcase your mentorship skills

When pursuing an VP or executive-level role, you’ll face stiff competition. We’ll work with you to position your accomplishments and insight within a resume that conveys your success in delivering growth.

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